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About El Plantio Nursery & Landscaping

Nestled in a quaint valley just outside the busy city of Escondido, CA rests a gardener's delight that has been offering help and sound advice to budding horticulturalists for over fifty years. Stop and listen a moment while you visit. Can you hear the little brown wren chirping? Can you hear the waterfall bubbling? Vivid colors and inviting garden paths urge the beholder to saunter through taking in the complex palate of plant textures, scents, and shades.

El Plantio lives up to its name which means "planted area" or "garden place" in the Spanish language. It holds a unique location and fills an important niche among true dirt-under-the-fingernails plants lovers and novices alike.

Our History

El Plantio Nursery & Landscaping was originally started in 1959 by George and Jene St. Dennis on a one acre parcel near the corner of Highway 78 and Idaho Ave. Nursery work was somewhat of a pastime for the couple in their older age.

In 1969 Nathan Snapp, a retired city official, bought the place and ran it as a retirement hobby for about seven years, during which he bought the 3/4 acre corner parcel to the south which remained barren during his ownership. Nathan had earned a degree in Forestry as a young man and always enjoyed the outdoors. Owning a nursery fell right in line with what he loved most.

Nathan's passion for plants wore off on two of his sons who began working with him full time. After some years, Nathan felt it was time to let them take the reins. They bought the business and assumed ownership on January 1, 1976. Immediately, they began using the additional acreage to grow Christmas trees and run a landscape crew from the back driveway. Over the years, the Snapp brothers made several changes as the company began to grow.

El Plantio Nursery & Landscaping became a competitive player in the nursery industry by earning various certifications and offering additional services. The nursery soon became known among locals for its friendly service and insightful advice that was not found at other plant sources. As demand increased for seamless landscape solutions, more crews were added to maintain the beautiful gardens being created.

The growing company as increased plant production to supply about 75 percent of its nursery stock with "home grown" plants. Another generation of Snapp brothers have been formally educated are now preparing to continue the long tradition of excellence and service for decades to come.